1. Accessing Registration Site

To access registration site which is linked to “online registration” and just click “information” to download forms and additional registration documents.

2. Payment Method

After downloading form of payment, do the payment procedure by banking transfer or other methods available.

3. Payment Confirmation

If you already have transferred the payment, please show your proof of payment through campus contact person listed in the registration form.

4. Login Into The Registration Site

After receiving the confirmation of payment, you will receive a given “username” and its password, thus you can login into “online registration” site.

5. Input Personal Data

Accomplish your personal data and wait until the campus’ Registration Officer gives you a letter of confirmation toward the next you have to finish.

6. Follow The Next Financial Procedure Informed

If you are selected and pass the entrance test, you will receive the letter of offering or LOO as a tariff letter information which you have to pay during the lecturing process. The complete scheme of tariff will be listed in the LOO.

7. Re-Registration Procedure

After doing all steps above, you can follow the obligation for re-registration by which you must bring with the enclosed data or documents as required by campus.  Congratulations, you are now become part of us as the college students of Polytechnic eLBajo Commodus.