Associate Degree In Ecotourism

This program is designed to achieve qualified, independent, and competent Associate Degree in Ecotourism as well as their entrepreneurship competencies and ready for a job. Here are some lecturing subjects in this study program:

Ecotourism and Cultural Conservation

Guiding Techniques and Interpretation

Sea, Coastal and Small Islands Ecotourism

Natural Resource Conservation and Management

Ecotourism Planning and Development

Community Based Tourism


Program Duration: 3 years
Polytechnic eLBajo Commodus is aimed to be professional in its field of tourism and hospitality teaching and hospitality and is oriented to excellent learning qualities toward gaining high character outputs.
Ecotourism Area Planners
Ecotourism Area Manager
Ecotourism Tour Operator
Ecotourism Guide
Empowering the Tourism Community

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