West Manggarai Need to Improve the Quality of Tourism Human Resources

West Manggarai Need to Improve the Quality of Tourism Human Resources

There is no doubt about the natural beauty and culture of the area on the western tip of Flores Island.

Clusters of islands that present a charming landscape, coupled with the icon of Komodo (Varanus komodoensis), a giant reptile that inhabits some islands in the National Park area. The forgotten jewels, that was the first impression felt by Noviana Halim, Chairperson of Bangkit Anak Negeriku Foundation (YBANK), from several visits to Labuan Bajo.

Noviana in her speech at the ceremonial ceremony of the Laying of the First Stone Politeknik eLBajo Commodus, revealed the idea of ​​building a campus departing from admiration in an area that was likened to a forgotten gem in decades, but the reality is that this area does not yet have a single State or private university.

Noviana also said that the role of education for human life is so important, especially considering the stipulation of Labuan Bajo as one of 10 (ten), which was then re-conquered into 4 (four) priority tourism destinations by the Ministry of Tourism so that naturally qualified tourism human resources are needed and able to compete in the era of globalization. Noviana added, the determination to establish this university could not be separated from the support of West Manggarai Regent, Drs. Agustinus Ch. Dula, and Kopertis Region VIII Coordinator, Prof. Dr. I Nengah Dasi Astawa, who cares about the progress of education in the East Nusa Tenggara region.

In addition, Halim Budiman, the father of Noviana who is also the Trustee of the BANK Foundation, gave his daughter full support. Noviana was inspired by her father who had founded a Mandarin language educational institution. "Praise God, thanks to the support of all parties and the prayers of all members of the Bangkit Anak Negeriku Foundation, finally today we can all witness the laying of the first stone marking the establishment of the Politeknik eLBajo Commodus campus in Kampung Lancang. The BANK Foundation aspires to not only provide formal education to all young people in particular and the people of West Manggarai in general, but we hope that in the future we will develop informal education. " he explained.

Noviana also revealed that the presence of tertiary institutions in Labuan Bajo is expected to be able to provide the best for West Manggarai children. In addition, Prof. I Nengah Dasi Astawa revealed that Labuan Bajo has tremendous potential but has not yet developed because it does not have a campus that can build resources. He also added that having a campus in Labuan Bajo could directly increase economic activity.

On the same occasion, West Manggarai Police Chief, AKBP Julisa Kusumo W, in his remarks stated the presence of Higher Education in Labuan Bajo was extraordinary because it was related to the development of human resources. "The biggest investment is the development of human resources. It is hoped that the presence of this campus can contribute greatly to the children of West Manggarai. " he stressed.